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Pin-Shot-Blue is a micro-service written in Rust using Pest and Axum crates. Pest parses a PEG grammar and Axum delivers the parse via a REST interface. Pin-Shot-Blue is a single-purpose project that offers PEG grammar specialization by tweaking the source-code (if you want to load a different PEG grammar). In that sense, it can be specialized to parse any PEG grammar.
However, the reference implementation directly supports only Quelle.

Incidentally, a companion micro-server, Blueprint-Blue, converts Pin-Shot-Blue parses into the Quelle object model for more seamless downstream processing.

Project Status

The reference implementation of Pin-Shot-Blue parses the Quelle grammar defined at http://github.com/kwonus/Quelle. The object model for that grammar is depicted in Figure-1 below.

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Figure 1 -- Quelle PEG grammar: an object-oriented representation

Implementation Status

Pin-Shot-Blue exposes a working implementation of the Quelle HMI DSL, with an implementation in Rust: Switching between Vanilla-Quelle and AVX-Quelle is a compile-time change. Parses will be delivered to REST clients as JSON payloads.  Alterative PEG grammars can be forked. 

Companion Projects


Quelle, a Domain-Specific-Language (DSL), is a command language for proximity searches and related operations. The syntax is implemented in Rust using a PEG grammar.
Pin-Shot-Blue's reference PEG grammar is obtained from here.


Blueprint-Blue is a micro-service, written in C#. It retrieves parses from Pin-Shot-Blue and translates them into a Quelle OO-Model, delivering the serialized results as JSON.
Pin-Shot-Blue is an intermediary for the serialized OO-Model.


A specific dialect of Quelle, known as AVX-Quelle, is a DSL designed specifically for searching the sacred text of the KJV bible.
Blueprint-Blue provisioned object model is harvested to produce search results against Digital-AV data.

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